mark » hi
www.academic-writing » During reading of the post, it has been observed that you have lot of knowledge regarding subject matter. I must say it a wonderful effort, please keep your chin up.
Taiwan » wehh
Sha2x » dude!...
CAFFiend » Hey Scarlett! Long time no hear! hehe how have you been?
Scarlett » Hello! Long time no visit's been awhile! Good to know that you finished your bar exams!
Todd Lucero Sales » Hi there, may I know where you got the c. 1930 photo of Argao's church? Thanks. Todd (
CAFFiend » These are my usual assaults at good taste and logic.
whitechocodream » amazing amusing musings!
CAFFiend » I am currently on holiday and shall not be posting new material as of the present time.
bar » pls join and link link is a national, online resource for legal aid and pro bono attorneys, law professors and students, and relate
CAFFiend » i'm saving up most of my material til after the exam.. there's so much going on in my head right now hehe
sha2x » well, bring it on! new entry yet?
CAFFiend » for the USJR Bar Ops team: get ready, I already have a list of unreasonable demands.
nade » Rumors rumors
sha2x » im not that sure if i will go to manila this yr...i need to save up before im back as a bum, haha. dghan jud mangluod kung dili ko muad2, paeta...hahahaha
sha2x » im not that sure if i will go to manila this yr...i need to save up before im back as a bum, haha. dghan jud mangluod kung dili ko muad2, paeta...hahahaha
CAFFiend » hold on... my list isn't done yet... hehehehe taas pa kaayo na
CAFFiend » 6748U
sha2x » oi...ur not that dmanding noh...hahaha.
CAFFiend » sHa: hahaha photoblog jud? I have a photoblog somewhere... i forgot what's the url though haha will visit your Photoblog soon. Yey! my goodies! and don't forget the Ampao sa Carcar mercado!
CAFFiend » asterisk: goodluck to the both of us! Study hard and we'll do our part, then we'll leave all the rest to God for guidance and understanding
sha2x » oi dude...naa nko photoblog, blame ethelbert for this...he talked me to this idea, haha. click me!!! the siomais and the m&m's are on the way...see yah May 10!
***asterisk*** » i will also be taking the 2008 bar exams pero way klaro kay murag kulang man akong natun an. salig na lang sa Diyos akong pang supplement sa akong review. Goodluck to us both.
CAFFiend » hello asterisk! thank you for the kind words..
***asterisk*** » hi CAFFeind..i really admire your wit...hope to see your name in the #1 list of the 2008 bar passers.
cynel » hey there! lin-ex?
CAFFiend » The results are out and it's really 22.9%...
CAFFiend » More like 20% from what I've heard. We'll know by tonight hehe
sha2x » Hi CAFFiend...rumor has it it's only 12%...I hope its not true...
sha2x » Hi CAFFiend...rumor has it it's only 12%...I hope its not true...
CAFFiend » Goodluck and Godbless to all those waiting for the 2007 Bar Exam results!
Shanize » Im kinda waiting what you will be writing next considering you have a week before the review.. =) Nah. There would be no divulging of state secrets in re your identity hehehe
CAFFiend » HAHAHAHA to reveal my identity would definitely be out of the question
Shanize » I know who CAFFIEND is!!! I know who CAFFIEND is!!!HEHEHE Drumrolls please... Of course, to reveal his identity would be out of the question.. =)
CAFFiend » the sept 2008 bar.. hehe for now, i'll have to contend with waiting for my final grades to be released hehe
CAFFiend » hey terrat! i can so relate to that, my sis took the 2004 bar and i was with her throughout the whole process... especially the waiting. I wish you all the best! As for me... i'm still gonna take...
teratt » just happened to drop by at ur site..nice essays..i am a restless soul, one of the 5K plus bar examinees last year, and the waiting is more than enough to drive one almost crazy..he..he.. teray
teratt » just happened to drop by at ur site..nice essays..i am a restless soul, one of the 5K plus bar examinees last year, and the waiting is more than enough to drive one almost crazy..he..he.. teray
CAFFiend » thanks
J f Z » Interesting blog!
ladyracer » Good luck to your exams
CAFFiend » see you there! i'll be moving there too after my exams hehehe mwah happy new year!
ladyracer » i moved to wordpress na hehe... see you there
CAFFiend » hey! happy holidays!!!
CAFFiend » hey! happy holidays!!!
ladyracer » happy holidays
ladyracer » happy holidays
CAFFiend » finally Blogdrive is back onlinE!!!
ladyracer » have some dessert
ladyracer » totally true
CAFFiend » ang importante, papasar pero hindi lang basta basta, diba? icing on the cake na yung top top hehe
ladyracer » i pray that i will get a decent score and hindi lang basta passing. yun lang masaya na ako. baka ikaw ang nasa top 10 ng bar
CAFFiend » kayang kaya mo yan! june board ka? be in the top 10 ha? hehe kayang kaya mo yan!
ladyracer » oo nga eh. di pa ako ready for board exams btw, nice yung anthropologic pix.
caffined » @ boljoon: these boljoon pics were not taken by me but by sir jobers...
caffined » @ ladyracer: oo nga! ang bilis talaga ng panahon, malapit na tayong mag-graduate! hehe board exams for you, bar exams for me! hehe and i feel as if i haven't read a thing yet haha
ladyracer » i'm doing ok. 4 months na lang at graduate na tyo » pls post your photos at » hi caffiend
creamy devil » i rock your world totoytoten!!!!
TOTOYTOTEN » hi... im gwapo... wats ur name?
creamy devil » hey! kumusta! hehehe nabusy na ako, havent updated this thinggie in a while. hehe kumusta na?
ladyracer » hey there
creamy devil » scarlett: yeah, i kinda got bored with my old layout, going for green this time around
creamy devil » ladyracer: thanks yup, i always take pictures whenever i'm up and about around town... out of boredom mostly hehe
Scarlett » Hey, it's a new layout!!
ladyracer » hey. i already approved your invitation at multiply daming nice pix. you took them?
Scarlett » Hello! Hello!!!
caffiend » mwah!
caffiend » oh yeah! like the rock stars we are baby! we may be a bit older but we still are party animals! Hell yeah!
FishyCakes » Cant wait to come home and party like a rock star again!!! Miss you Perv!
caffiend » Fishy! thanks for visiting! i'll see you real soon
creamy devil » As for me, I'm enjoying what's left with my vacation hehe we start hell year this tues whoooh
ladyracer » just had our orientation at the lung ctr of the phils. tom another orientation at school. i know i need to sleep now coz i have to wake up early tom. but i can't di pa na reset body clock ko hehe
creamy devil » how did it go? went well? no major headaches? i survived a 6 hour conversation with an administrator and a pack of cigs haha
ladyracer » just survived my 1st day at the hospital...
creamy devil » ayoko pang mag-enroll bukas, kakatapos ko lang sa summer term.. buhay estudyante, di maiiwasan
ladyracer » thanks... luckily i am feeling better... but i still dread on going to school tom. ayoko pa pumasok huhuhu
creamy devil » nice chatting with you too! I hope you're already feeling better
ladyracer » prob. nice chatting with you hehe
creamy devil » hehe tama... hey i've gotta go, gonna catch me some zzzs... goodnight i linked you up
ladyracer » i bet it's a tactic to confuse/distract the judge and/or the other party haha
creamy devil » hahaha i wonder what would happen. i do know of one long-haired lawyer.. pero rastafarian dating nya eh, di kaya ma-pull off yung style ni fabio haha Que Horor!
ladyracer » now i realize that i'm really lucky i did not pursue law. baka makaharap pa ako ng ganyang kalaban sa trial haha...
creamy devil » we need, kind, sensitive, cassanova-type lover-lawyers ala Fabio with the flowing hair and manly exterior! haha
ladyracer » good for you. we don't need more babaero lawyers in this country di ba? hehe
creamy devil » haha hindi ako babaero eh.. retired babaero lang po yosi't inuman ng kape ang tripping... mellow na eh..
ladyracer » then you're not a true liar este lawyer pala peace tayo
creamy devil » same here. lawyers na yung mga batchmates ko, hehe mga babaero't mandurukot sila hahahaha buti nga i'm an angel hahaha
ladyracer » well, i do hope you pass the bar exams. kaya mo yan. most of my batchmates are already lawyers. to think na yosi and alcohol lang ang hilig ng mga yun
ladyracer » they say that 4th yr is easier. i'm hoping it's true. otherwise, i better kiss goodbye to the idea of graduating with flying colors.working student eh. haayy...
creamy devil » dami no? same here, 1 more year to go, 2 mock bars, then the real deal... i can feel the pressure mounting already... whoooh
ladyracer » yup. one year to go before graduation. but we still have a few more licensure exams to tackle...
creamy devil » haha chat? ok lang yun! mejo quiet yung tagboard ko naman eh haha yung kababata ko incoming 4th BSN din... parang you guys will be taking the board together next year
ladyracer » naku ginawa na nating chat yung tagboard mo. sori ha
ladyracer » incoming 4th year BSN
ladyracer » actually never really intended to share my blog with friends. the things i post kase are just extensions of the things i usually think of during the day. not really serious and juicy stuff. newbie eh
creamy devil » anong year ka na sa nursing ngayon?
creamy devil » how utterly true, under a nom de guerre thoughts and ideas flow freely, sa friendster parang plastered all over the place yung mga thoughts natin at baka may maapakan tayo