Entry: Guadalupe, Banawa-Inglis: STOP LANDGRABBING LABANGON SITIOS! Monday, March 08, 2010

Lately, I've been pretty busy with the usual things that keep me busy (I wonder what those are... extortion? blackmail? graduate school?) I've been keeping mum for the past couple months or so until I finally decided to join in on the mess.

Republic Act 9905, or "An Act Creating a Barangay to be Known as Barangay Banawa-Englis in the City of Cebu" is a law that allows Barangay Guadalupe - the fattest barangay in Cebu City- to get even more fatter by "legally landgrabbing" 12 sitios belonging to neighboring Labangon (which I am a resident of).

A Brief Historical Background:

Before the formalization of the Barangay system of neighborhoods, the Barangays we know now were used to be be called Barrios. In those days, there was a certain Barrio called Banaua (now a mere sitio of Guadalupe). This Barrio is triangular in shape and its borders clearly defined by the 1910-1912 Cebu Cadastral Survey as within BM 59, BM 35 and BM 42. That is the actual extent of the historical Barrio Banaua which the powers-that-be want to be separated from Guadalupe. The Biggest barrio back then was the Barrio of Labangon (which was part of Cebu Viejo or San Nicolas)

1910-1912 Cebu Cadastral Survey (Harve Abella Collection)

Guadalupe was a mere thin-ass barrio then. As to how it got fat in the succeeding years, is totally beyond me. Mind you, Guadalupe was a teeny-weeny little barrio south of the Gudalupe River. And it stayed that way for decades, then all of the sudden, BLAM! It swallowed up Banawa and now because of RA 9905, it swallowed up 12 Sitios of Labangon! I do not know why Barangay Labangon Captain Felix Abella did not oppose the inclusion of the 12 Labangon Sitios in "Guadalupe" to be a part of the proposed Banawa-Inglis barangay.

In the 1980's, Labangon Barangay Captain Honorato B. Abella, surveyed the extent of Labangon and defined its territorial limits. Some concessions were made with the neighboring Barangays of Guadalupe, Tisa, Calamba, Duljo and San Nicolas, but those concessions left Barangay Labangon's territorial integrity pretty much intact. But as the decades went by, Captain Asisclo Abella took over as Captain when Captain Honorato B. Abella's term ended. The late Captain Asisclo Abella (God rest his soul) undid that took Captain Honorato Abella several years and countless number of hours of work to delineate and define the metes and bounds of Labangon. Captain Asisclo Abella did not extend services to certain sitios which are clearly part of the Labangon Heartland, namely: Insiang Goriong, Capaculan, Sacred Heart, Ma. Paloma, Lutawlutaw, amongst others I cannot name now. He merely forgot all about them and allowed Guadulupe to stake its grubby hands on them.

What is more heartbreaking is that Sitio Insiang Goriong IS Labangon's Heartland. It is historically a part of Labangon and is home to (ironically) the present Barangay Captain's closest relatives (cousins to be exact) who is Captain Felix Abella.

Now, as Guadalupe lays its claim to Paseo Arcenas - WHICH IS CLEARLY WITHIN THE TERRITORY OF BARANGAY LABANGON, as the boundary is a but a few meters before the entrance of Paseo Arcenas - Guadalupe also lays claim to a very Labangon Sitio called Capaculan. Everybody knows that Salvador Street is a very Labangon Street and historically, Salvador Street was once known as Capaculan Road (Calle Capaculan), now, Tony Cuenco (the author of the Law) included Capaculan to this Banawa-Inglis thinggie... which is certainly NOT historically nor actually belonging to Banawa. Banawa is no where near that! I wonder why the residents of Labangon nor of these 12 Labangon Sitios were not informed about their inclusion in this Banawa-Inglis thing?

But of all the idiotic things that I've heard this week, COMELEC IDIOT OFFICER WHATSISFACE says that those in the 12 Labangon Sitios cannot even vote in the plebiscite as they are registered in Labangon anyway, why include them in the plebiscite?! What kind of idiotic logic is that? This law encroaches upon the territory of Labangon, and those in the 12 Labangon sitios have no say in the matter?!?!

I believe that a certain idiot who is claiming absolute knowledge in the law is now sitting in Congress (who ironically made the Local Government Code) or someone  who is now in the COMELEC forgot that SEc. 10 of RA7160 clearly states that no creation, division, merger, abolition, or substantial alteration of boundaries shall take effect unless approved by a majority of the votes cast in a plebiscite called for the purpose in the political units directly affected.

-- So I guess Barangay Labangon (which is clearly affected by this RA 9905) is just mere chopped liver and have no say in the matter, right?


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