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Friday, April 25, 2008
Vicente Sotto Rectal Surgery Fiasco: STUPIDITY

The Vicente Sotto Fiasco has silently evolved into the Vicente Sotto Debacle over these past few weeks and thus, putting the people and the hospital in the limelight. A very uncomfortable limelight, I guess you could say it would definitely feel like somebody stuck a can of body spray up their asses. Whoopidoo.


A friend's sister who used to do volunteer work at the hospital commented that all those in the institution are all GUILTY  --even the Victim. I totally agree with her.


Had the sodomite (note that I am using the proper term instead of the politically correct form, which is gay, how can you call buttfuckers as the happy?! gay=happy?) kept himself from being horny, he would not have been put into that situation. HE PUT HIMSELF IN THAT SITUATION AND HE RIGHTLY DESERVES THE CONSEQUENCE. This sodomite, a.k.a. Jan-jan in the newspapers (as the incident happened in January) was apparently drunk, with his sex partner. He allegedly belittled his sex partner's tool. To spite him, he (the sex partner) inserted a can of Black Suede body spray, up Jan-jan's anus. When he woke up, he wondered why he felt pain in his ass.


Coffeeshop Fiends such as myself have an alternate version. For all we know, Jan-jan stuck that can of spray up his ass by himself and could not get it out anymore. It is possible.


Then we have the government hospital. Let's face it, Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center is definitely not like the private hospitals in town. It is overcrowded and have needs which haven't been addressed by the proper government agencies. Security isn't watertight as people may come and go as they please.


The head surgeon for that particular O.R. has complete control over the same in admitting people other than the operating team. Why did he allow kibitzers to come and see the procedure? The  nurses and clinical instructors, aren't they supposed to make sure that student nurses deposit their mobile phones before going on duty? Why were there close to a dozen people inside. For what reason? To see the spectacle that which is called ASS DIVING in coffeeshop jargon? THEY PUT THEMSELVES INTO THAT SITUATION AND THEY DESERVE THE CONSEQUENCE.


There is not a single redeeming factor in all those people involved. The sodomite, the doctors, the nurses and the kibitzers are all guilty.


Guilty of what? I'm sure you'll ask me. They are guilty of not using what God gave them: DISCRETION. (and obviously, sentido comon for that matter).


It's simple really, common sense tells us, sodomy is dangerous: Sticking a foreign object up a person's ass may be fatal. Curiousity can kill. Hospitals have rules. Break them and some people will break you. An unusual case is just that, unusual, not a laughing matter. There is no need to bring your cheersquad and hired paparazzi in the O.R. 


WHEREFORE, premises considered in the light of the foregoing, the above mentioned morons are hereby adjudged guilty beyod reasonable doubt for the crime of STUPIDITY and LACK OF DISCRETION.


(as Al Gore said in the movie, An Inconvenient Truth, "we live in an age of consequences".)


Posted at Friday, April 25, 2008 by CAFFiend

April 25, 2008   09:39 AM PDT
I somehow agree with you. Indeed they are guilty of stupidity...and must suffer the penalty of lifetime embarrasment...on a lighter note, i really admire your wit and intelligence when it comes to writing. am a frustrated writer...goodluck!

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