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Saturday, November 17, 2007
Boljoon Dig (part two of two)

A closeup of Burial #3 shows that this male's occipital lobe, the front of the skull, had been artifically deformed, a centuries-old practice in the central Visayas regions (and in Batanes) reported by early Spanish missionaries.

Majority of the 13 burials recovered during phase 2 had their teeth filed as is shown in this closeup of the teeth of Burial #8...This would have hastened tooth decay and resulted in extremely painful abscesses and the near-absence of teeth in many of the burials we found.

Here is Burial #12, an old man with his lower jaw totally devoid of teeth, not even sockets! we recovered only one tooth, badly decayed at that, from this burial.

This is what happened to the two adjacent 2x2-meter units we opened. Afgter two weeks, we had to expand the units because burials began to appear near the corners or walls of the two units...never at the center...it was as if the burials were shy...

...in fact, one of them, Burial #8, was buried sideways...it's the first time in the history of Philippine archaeology that a burial was recovered in situ in this posture! the one beside him is a young girl barely in her teens...

Here's a closer look of the man buried sideways...note that these two burials, so perfectly preserved and very dry, were interred at a much deeper layer than all the other burials we have recovered so far...

Our most problematic unit was this one, which started as a 2x2-meter square and ended up becoming 4x4, with extensions because more and more burials in disarticulated positions and in different orientations (some North-South, others East-West) were coming out even until the last day of excavations..it later turned out that some of the burials intruded on earlier ones, which resulted in the disturbance of those buried at lower layers of the soil. This means that a time lapse had occurred between the seven burials which were uncovered here.

we managed to uncover this 2.2-meter long chain clasped by Burial #10, one of the seven burials that were exposed in the previous photo. Note that this was tucked between his left breast and elbow (not worn)...

Burial #7 was accompanied with an amol or guna, placed on the left side of his torso...


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