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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Simplistic Talk Show

Perhaps one of the most badly directed "talk show" in the country today would be ANC's The Explainer hosted by Manuel L. Quezon III. I have nothing against Manolo, that's for sure, he's a great writer and a political analyst but somehow, he's not cut out to host a so-called talk show.

True, he is dubbed as the Explainer, but oddly enough, he pulls off explaining things in a simplistic manner akin to what a grown up would do as if he were talking to a five year old child. I'd have to admit the topics they discuss on his show are in fact interesting, but his presentation leaves a lot to be desired.

Now, let us dissect this one by one.

First off, Manolo has a bunch of confederates "trying" to ask questions or trying to paraphrase what he's trying to convey. We get the point. We are not simpletons. We do not need any paraphrasing every after sentence.

Secondly, I find it intellectually condescending to be talking about something in the simplest possible of terms. I shall reiterate. Not everybody in the Philippines cannot grasp certain concepts that needs to be explained as if we are children.

Wait, I'm beginning to sound redundant. That's basically my gripe on the matter. Why do we have to oversimplify and spoon-feed the viewers as if they are nothing more than just mindless blobs of plasma and skinbags on their sofas? Don't the viewers have the mental capacity to understand all these concepts? Why do we need to have an "explainer".

Going back to Manolo, yes indeed, as a writer, he's top notch. As a presenter, he stutters and stammers and oftentimes become lost for words. I would rather watch Cito Beltran. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Cito anyway? I haven't seen him on ANC in ages! At least Cito is honest enough to explain that he DOES NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. I'd rather listen to that than listen to somebody who thinks he KNOWS IT ALL.

Posted at Tuesday, November 21, 2006 by CAFFiend

Name Bencard
February 18, 2007   10:24 PM PST
I agree. Even the name of the show is presumptuous. It might as well be named "Mr. Know-it-All".

Some people are better read than seen or heard. Manolo is definitely one of them. He can really dish it out in writing, i.e. attack the President of the Philippines by making fun of her height and manner of speech in the guise of "satire". I think, he could be an intellectual but at the same time juvenile in his writing.

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